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About Us

What our founder started as a hobby back in 2010 has evolved through the years, just as many small businesses do.  Now, we have decided to focus on what we really love doing... consulting with small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs, focusing in three simple verticals: technology, marketing, and systems.

So while our name might be new, we are not!  We have over a decade of experience in the technology, marketing, and system verticals.  Let us know how we can put our experience to work for you!

We believe in "Why"

We believe that everything you do, whether personal or business, should start with "why".  An idea made popular by Simon Sinek's TED Talk, and later bestseller book Start with Why; everything we do at Hornbeck Consulting is defined by "why" we do them, not just "what" we do.  

Why on a 3-ring target

What is our


At Hornbeck Consulting, we imagine a world where every entrepreneur has access to the tools and knowledge that helps them succeed and make their dreams come true. 


Our why is simply "to provide support and expertise so that entrepreneurs can improve their business and achieve their goals".  

“Regardless of WHAT we do in our lives, our WHY—our driving purpose, cause or belief—never changes.”

-Simon Sinek

Hornbeck Consulting - Russell Hornbeck Headshot on Blue Background

Meet Russell

Russell Hornbeck, Founder and President of Hornbeck Consulting, began helping others with their computer and technology issues back in high school.  Since then, he has worked with many different consumer and business clients, expanding his knowledge to include all types of marketing as well.  In addition to excelling in technology and marketing, the one vertical Russell really loves is systems.  He enjoys working with clients to help them find, implement, and maintain their systems like CRMs, marketing platforms, ERP applications, and more!  

Russell truly believes in helping others.  Book a consultation with him to see how he can help you!

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